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Carebear in the Clouds

Only on occasion do we dream high enough to reach the clouds...

17 February 1983
Hmmmmm...a little about me. There isn't much to know. I am 25 years old and I am a graduate from the University at Buffalo. I was a double major in Health and Human Services with a concentration in Early Childhood and Psychology. I am rabout half way through the Masters in Social Work program at UB. I am a Certified Child Life Specialist. I hope to get a job in the field in the future. I currently work for Hopevale, Inc. as a Foster Care Case Manager. I love music. I play violin and sing. I, also, competitively do archery.

Here is an explanation of what Child Life Specialists do since it seems most people do not have any idea what it is:

A Child Life Specialist is a professional who is specially trained to help children and their families understand and manage challenging life events and stressful healthcare experiences. Child Life Specialists are skilled in providing developmental, educational, and therapeutic interventions for children and their families under stress. Child Life Specialists support growth and development while recognizing family strengths and individuality, and respecting different methods of coping. (taken directly from the Child Life Council website)

"Live everyday as if it were your last, because one of these days it will be." ~ Jeremy Schwartz